Welcome to Orange Outfit!


Who are we? 

First of all, we are crazy about orange. Therefore, we specialised in Orange Outfits, Orange Suits and other tailor made solutions in orange to help make all the orange occations in your life more enjoyable.

It all started because we wanted a nice orance outfit ourselves. Not just the cheap, plasticy,bad fitting t-shirts and other items, but something nice that stood out. After we archieved this goal for ourselves, others started to get enthousiastic about it too and we got several request for an orange outfits. That's when we decided to start with orange outfit.com to give others the opportunity to get a nice orange outfit too!

We have outlets in The Netherlands and Sydney, Australia and we can supply worldwide on special request.

Why orange?

1. Because we like orange,

2. because it's the dutch national colour, and

3. because we like orange

What do we offer?

Currently we have a range of tailor made orange suits in several sizes, and we accomodate for custom fittings made especially for you. Apart from this, we are developing a fancy female dress in orange which will be displayed on our website as soon as it is ready to order, and more orange outfits will be developed based on the demand of our customers.

If there is any outfit in orange you would like, send us a picture and details and we can make a quote for you.